According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Contentment is defined as the state of being happy and satisfied. I have come to notice that most of us haven’t put into consideration, contentment, as part of our makeup.

So many of us are trying so hard to get everything good and should-have, that the society paints to be good and should-have. Name it – wealth, power, class, position, influence, education, etc. I’m not in any manner saying that the aforementioned list is bad to accrue, all I’m just saying is that have we really stopped to ask ourselves what we really need. Why do we need to possess all the whole wealth? What are we to going to use it to do? Why should we go all out in accruing power, wealth, position, simply because society views it as “the good life” or “success?” Will accruing this things make us truly happy and fulfilled? All these are questions you need to ask yourself so that you don’t get caught up in the whole societal pressure and demands on what it means to be successful that you end up losing yourself and your essence.

I’m not in any way suggesting complacency and I’m a lover of seemingly good and fine things of life. I am an addicted lover of success. All I do is to make sure that everything I do (i.e. getting the good things of life) leads me to more peace and fulfillment of my God given purpose, and not to some societal constructs that was set up by only God knows who.

As human beings, we are entirely different from each other and I understand that each and everyone of us wants to do well and fly high in life. Trust me, that’s a very good decision. All I just want you to do is to consider the motive behind every thing you do. Are you doing what you are doing simply because that’s what the society “demands?” Or are you doing it because that’s what you want? The motive behind all your actions is what we really determine the outcome of everything you get in life.

I took the decision a long time ago to re-evaluate all that I’d been told my entire life about what it means to be successful, all that I’d done so far and all that I wanted for my future.

I have since cast away the stifling societal definition of what it means to be successful and replaced it with one that better suits my values and true ambitions, which have very little to do with the heftiness of my bank  balance or the grand title that I will bear as a professional.

To me, success is consistently showing up for my loved ones and spending meaningful time nurturing the relationships that bring me irrefutable joy, by being truly present and engaging. Success also means doing me. It means being myself. It means doing the things I love to do.

We’re not often told this, but your definition of success is exactly that – yours.

We’ve unquestioningly taken the standard societal definition of success, which has left many of us running helter-skelter chasing our own tails trying to win a race we never even signed up for.

Defining what success means to you may just be the first step in seeking the peace and contentment that we all so desperately desire.

In conclusion, be contented. Live in the present. Don’t be the kind of person that believes happiness comes as a result of getting more and more. Good things come to those who patiently wait, work hard, understand timing, and prayerfully seek God.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. It can only get better.

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